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How do I find the full name of a journal from its abbreviation?

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Several online sources make this job easier by publishing searchable indexes of journal abbreviations. You can search by the abbreviation to find the full title. Some good places to start:

  • CAS Source Index (CASSI) - chemistry, but with lots of reference from other phyical and life science disciplines.
  • JAbbr - an index the finds journal titles from the Cornell University Library catalog.
  • MathSciNet Journals - searches on abbreviations or ISSN number of journal.
  • NLM Catalog - searchable index of journals indexed by NCBI database such as PubMed.
  • Web of Science - this one is arranged by the full title rather than the abbreviation and has no search function. 

These are just a few. For a larger list categorized by subject, visit "Understanding journal abbreviations" from the University of Bath Library.